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Ollie Plant Sipper Tank R6, R8.25, R9.5, R9.5D

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  1. OPS Plant Sipper unit. Dimensions and water volume dependant on model chosen.
  2. Capillary leg. Used to transfer water between OPS Units to plant roots.
  3. Ollie Plant Sipper lid. Helps ensure healthier soil and roots.
  4. Filler pipe and water level assembly.


  • Choose the appropriate OPS Plant sipper system for your plant container ensuring maximum water efficiency and positioning.
  • Install drainage layer or base soil layers into the container ensuring a level surface is achieved for OPS system placement.
  • Position the OPS Plant sipper within the container ensuring capillary leg top is no more than 7" from the lowest roots of the plant(s) being planted.
  • If necessary adjust drainage levels or base soil levels to achieve correct OPS Plant sipper and root positions.
  • Fill Capillary leg with a good quality topsoil, ensure soil has settled but is not compacted; you can lightly tap down soil but do not compact. 

    ops r part2

  • Install filler pipe into the OPS Plant sipper system. Once pipe is securely positioned in the OPS link remove inner water level indicator and filler pipe cap, cut filler pipe so the pipe will be flush with the finished soil level.  To measure the water level indicator correctly you must place the indicator on top of the OPS link outside the newly cut filler pipe, cut the level indicator flush with the top of the filler pipe. Replace the water level indicator and filler pipe cap.
  • Fill the OPS Plant sipper system with water to ensure all connections are water tight and water is moving around the systems correctly.
  • Back fill entire container with soil and plant as per design.
  • To activate Capillary process give entire area a good surface watering ensuring good penetration in to the soil.
  • If the OPS Plant sipper system should become empty and dry, refill system and repeat the surface watering to reactivate the capillary process.


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