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You can search by SKU, Brand, Product and use our powerful filtering tools to find exactly what you are looking to order. Simply select the amount and add it to an order.

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Ollie is connected to the major alcohol brand, distributors and will give you access to real time shipping and delivery status. Need the paperwork and payment details? No worries it's also attached to the order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some important insight from questions we get from liquor store and restaurant buyers from across the provincce.

I’m a buyer, how much does it cost to join Ollie as a Buyer Organization?

A buyer account with Ollie Order is completely free and you will be able to place, view, and download Doc60's from a multitude of suppliers. Not to mention, see the progress of the orders you've placed and much more!

What is Ollie’s buyer platform?

Ollie’s buyer platform is a free facility for all alcohol makers to list their products for discovery and easy ordering by BC hospitality licensees and registered liquor buyers.

I have concerns about saving my credit card on Ollie for brands to charge. How visible is my credit card data to other account users?

You can rest assured that your credit card information is stored safely and securely with globally recognized industry PCI DSS compliance with our payment processing partner, Stripe. Other users on your account will be able to see the last four digits of your credit card and that's it. We do this to simply ensure you can identify the relevant card you’re charging. Further, you can track and reconcile the orders charged to your card easily and quickly as the invoice number is recorded right onto your credit card statement.

How is that possible? Ollie Order utilizes Stripe’s Credit Card Tokenization & Storage Vault which has been independently audited by Qualified Security Assessors approved by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Credit card information entered by you or your customers is sent directly from their web browser to Stripe’s secure vault, which in case you were curious holds 90% of North America's credit cards. The cardholder information never touches Ollie Order’s technology. If you suspect your card has been charged improperly by a brand using Ollie, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.