Deliver great beer and great customer experiences.

Ollie enables the craft beverage industry to better manage customers, orders, inventory, payments, and reporting in a single platform.

Stand out features used by the top breweries

Grow your sales and process orders faster then ever.

Easily make orders from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. You can make, charge and tell your distributor to ship an order in 4 seconds.

Align your order desk, sales representatives and agents and give them the power to add orders from anywhere.

Collect payments and
get paid with ease.

Getting paid is as easy as clicking charge card. With almost every buyer already having a card on file save time not detailing with credit card authorization forms. Get paid faster by charging & shipping at the same time. Lower your AR with integrated payments.

Everything in one app. Create the invoice, charge credit card, check inventory, notify your distributor, sync the invoice into quickbooks and generate your batch tax reporting all in one spot.

Raise awareness across your sales team on customers.

Know when each of your customers last ordered so that you know who your sales team needs to communicate with. Know before it's too late. Don’t miss opportunities. Learn more on our customer relationship management features here.

Living & shoppable digital product portfolio

Deliver awesome customer experiences across your multiple sales channels.Give your customers what they want: reliable, transparent and accountable independent liquor partners.

Why your brand will love Ollie

Remote Order Management

Align your order desk, sales representatives and agents and give them the power to add orders from anywhere.

Doc60s generated automatically

Create government required paperwork documents in seconds that look amazing. Add your brand and details.

Real-time inventory

Trackable from anywhere you have internet access, you can have your business at your fingertips.

Tasting Room Stock Management

Create dedicated warehouses to track inventory in your tasting house and keep everything organized.

Payment Processing

All orders can be processed via the charge button on each order. No extra systems needed.

LDB Batch Reporting

Ollie delivers DSWR compatibility reporting so your LDB Reporting is a breeze.

Integration with Quickbooks Online

Sync all orders, payment details and refunds to Quickbooks on each order. Never type an order in again into Quickbooks.

Sales Reporting

Leverage our real-time dashboard & multiple sales statistics reports give you actionable insights

Commission Reports

Track sales representatives orders, sales and commission within our reports section. Make a commission report in minutes not hours.

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